Africa: Five Fun Facts

Africa is a continent filled with an unparalleled diversity of culture, languages, and delicious food! No other continent is blessed with such beauty and diversity. The continent has five geographical regions: North, West, Central, East, and Southern Africa. North African cuisine is the most popular of the cuisines in the United States, though touches of Eastern and Western cuisines are gaining popularity too.

Five fun facts about the African continent:

  1. It is the second largest continent on earth, approximately 11.7million square miles.
  2. It is home to the largest land animal, the tallest animal, and the fastest land animal. The elephant, giraffe, and cheetah respectively.
  3. An estimated 1500 – 2000 African languages are spoken across the continent.
  4. It had the world’s largest man-made earth structure – The Walls of Benin City which was four times longer than the Great Wall of China. They were the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet until they were destroyed by the British in 1897.
  5. It’s all-female warriors – the Dahomey Mothers were so fearless that they were called the Amazons after the merciless warriors of Greek Mythology.